The first and primary treatment of a fracture decides the final outcome. The best center with good initial fracture fixation gives the best chance for the patient to recover fast and to come back to normal life without any disability.

Our success is because of the resuscitation of the patient in the “Golden Hour” and “0-hour” treatment of fixation of fracture and wound coverage. This concept has revolutionised fracture management and by the word of mouth, our patients spread this message about the reputation, treatment, and care given to them. This has dramatically reduced the morbidity, mortality, and expenditure, and in no time the patients become normal.

Patients with multiple fractures get the fracture fixed by a team of orthopedic surgeons in one sitting. For example patient with 12 bone fractures had fixation of all fractures within three hours. We give the best outcome with the least complications.

We are experts in treating ununited fractures, fractures not healed for many years, fractures with infection, and fractures healed in abnormal positioning (Mal union) resulting in deformity.

We use various limb reconstructions systems in extensive bone loss. We have grown more than 25cm length of the thigh bone, leg bone and saved many patients from amputation


Patient Voice

I am really thankful to Dr Rex who performed the successful surgery and gave me my normal life back. I am able to move my hand, fingers and elbow without pain or discomfort.

Lakshmi Coimbatore, TN

The response and the support of medical staff were exemplary and the facilities are very good. Really satisfied by the treatment and I am able to walk without any pain

Ramanathan Karur, TN

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