Knee Replacement

“ It is of prime importance that the joint is protected and correct and timely care is taken for the maintenance of the joints. Often the patients come to the Orthopedician in the later stages. Coming to the doctor at the early stage of the disease presentation can help a lot in managing the disease and even people without the disease must know properly how to take care of their joints.”

Dr Rex Chief Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

    Our hospital is a high volume Joint Replacement center with Special Recognition for bilateral (both sides) Knee Replacement in one sitting. Severe deformities and crooked legs due to Osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis are corrected with Joint Replacements. 

    We aim for perfect positioning for a better long-term outcome. For the same reasons, we use only imported Joint Replacement implants with a good track record.

    Female gender specific small implants to match the size of the knees for perfection are done. High flexion knee design, which gives the ability to kneel on the floor, for social customs like praying, eating, and toilet purposes is done routinely. Patients are made to walk from day one after surgery, putting full weight on the knees, and remain in the hospital for 5 days.

    Revision knee replacement in failed cases of previous surgeries are done. Revision joint replacements with computer assistance navigation control for precise position is done. Special wedges, extension rods, sleeves were used in joint replacement in the case of bone loss.

    ‘Arth’ means joint and ‘itis’ stands for inflammation, which is the simplest explanation for the disease. If you experience any swelling, pain, limitation of motion of the joints, you could be having Arthritis. Dr Rex says “People with Arthritis typically present with pain and inability to perform their daily activities. Often simple things can become difficult for such patients to carry forward.”

    While the disease can affect anyone, the main factors predisposing it are Old age, bone injury, Obesity, trauma and genetics. While some factors remain modifiable and can be controlled such as physical inactivity, occupation (excess or less mechanical labour); few factors such as gender, age, race, genetics are not in control. Current research has identified that the disease progresses because of the imbalance between the synthesis and breakdown mechanism of the joint cartilage. The point where two bones in our body meet are called joints. The joint cartilage is a soft tissue that supports the joint space and avoids friction between two bones forming the joint. It is this cartilage that is of importance in the joint function. The joint cartilage tissue is always supporting the joint and avoiding the bone contact. In our normal day to day life, the cartilage keeps functioning round the clock to give our joints the protection it needs. However with the passage of time the cartilage starts to wear out. The joint starts becoming a source of pain and thus ails the patient from making movements.

    In our daily life it is easy to take our joints for granted until these important keystones of our activities give us pain. In the later stages, the management options aim towards making the condition of the joints better by providing pain relief and also a structural disease modifying drug for Osteoarthritis. In case of advanced osteoarthritis some newer options such as viscosupplementation that replenishes the knee’s natural lubricant fluid is nowadays responsible for putting many patients including sports professionals back on their feet. In an extreme case, the painful knee can be partially or totally replaced so as to stop the pain and get the patients back on their feet. In today’s life the need to be constantly on your feet can be crucial, be it for your career or for the household. One cannot let osteoarthritis decide the level of involvement in life and stop you from being active. The right kind of guidance and discipline with our help will keep you on your toes all the while.”


    Patient Voice

    I am really thankful to Dr Rex who performed the successful surgery and gave me my normal life back. I am able to move my hand, fingers and elbow without pain or discomfort.

    Lakshmi Coimbatore, TN

    The response and the support of medical staff were exemplary and the facilities are very good. Really satisfied by the treatment and I am able to walk without any pain

    Ramanathan Karur, TN

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