Pediatric Orthopedics

A child’s musculoskeletal problems are different from those of an adult. Because children are still growing, the body’s response to injuries, infections, and deformities may be quite different than what would be seen in a full-grown person.

Sometimes, what is thought to be a problem in a child is just a variation of growth that will resolve with time. A good example of this is intoeing in a toddler. Some of the problems children have with their bones and joints are due to growth arrest.

Children with complex pediatric problems are best managed by a team approach. We diagnose, treat, and manage children’s musculoskeletal problems, such as:

  • Limb and spine deformities noted at birth or later in life (clubfoot, scoliosis, limb length differences)
  • Gait abnormalities (limping)
  • Broken bones
  • Bone or joint infections and tumors

Common conditions treated are:

  • Club foot management
  • Deformity corrections
  • Perthes disease and Slipped capital upper femoral epiphysis corrections
  • Limb length discrepancy corrections
  • Paediatric trauma management
  • Developmental hip and knee dislocations corrections
  • Cerebral palsy deformity corrections and postpolio corrections
  • Rickets and spine deformity management


Patient Voice

I am really thankful to Dr Rex who performed the successful surgery and gave me my normal life back. I am able to move my hand, fingers and elbow without pain or discomfort.

Lakshmi Coimbatore, TN

The response and the support of medical staff were exemplary and the facilities are very good. Really satisfied by the treatment and I am able to walk without any pain

Ramanathan Karur, TN

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