Micro Spine Surgeries

REX Ortho Hospital Coimbatore

NeuroMicroSpine utilizes minimally invasive spine (MIS) principles for virtually every procedure. Surgical candidates are carefully evaluated and a solution is designed to optimize healing and recovery. The goal is to design an effective procedure done in a way that spares cutting and retracting vital tissues that impair healing and hence recovery. We also evaluate a person's general health and wellness and incorporate promote hormone balance and nutrition to aid in the healing process.

Back and neck pain is a very common problem which everyone would have encountered in their lifetime at least once. The most common spine problem which leads on to surgery is the disc prolapse. The patients with neurological symptoms like radiating neck/leg pain with numbness and weakness of the arms/legs may end up in removal of prolapsed disc. This is done nowadays by the standard microdiscectomy which is a very safe and definitive treatment through a small keyhole procedure resulting in complete cure of the problem.

Microsurgery in spine has revolutionized the outcome and the safety measure in preventing spinal cord injuries. It has the advantage of no blood loss, short stay in the hospital and no pain. Various spine fixations for fractures, spondylolisthesis of vertebra ,deformitiy corrections and spine tumour removal are done.

Effective management by exercises, physical modalities and medications will cure most of the spine problems without surgery.