Knee Arthroscopy

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Knee arthroscopy is a technique used to diagnose and treat problems in the knee joint. During the procedure, the surgeon will make a very small incision and insert a tiny camera—called an arthroscope—into your knee. This allows him or her to view the inside of the joint on a screen. The surgeon can then investigate a problem with the knee and, if necessary, correct the issue using small instruments within the arthroscope.

REX Ortho Hospital Coimbatore

Arthroscopy is used to diagnose several knee problems, such as a torn meniscus or a malaligned patella (kneecap), or to repair the ligaments of the joint. There are limited risks to the procedure and the outlook is good for most patients. Your recovery time and prognosis will depend on the severity of the knee problem and the complexity of the required procedure.

An arthroscope is a useful way to confirm the source of knee pain and treat the problem.

Knee injuries that can be diagnosed and corrected with arthroscopic surgery include:

Most commonly being anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) in knee joint requiring reconstruction. This is usually done with harvesting graft (donor area) from hamstring or the bone patellar ligaments graft technique. Both the technique is fool proof method with predictable outcome. This commonly occurs in accidents, two wheeler injuries, sports injuries or domestic fall.

Meniscal repair is another common procedure done to alleviate knee pain.

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