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This is a Key Hole Procedure done to visualize the joint and repair the torn ligaments. Most of the time it is a day case procedure.

This new advancement has revolutionized surgery in the joints. This keyhole surgery is the 'arthroscopy' procedure.

Arthroscopy expert Dr Rex says "Arthroscopy has made procedures a lot simpler, easier and precise for us doctors. What was previously a procedure based purely on years of experience has now been given an additional eye to make it even precise and work on the nook and corners of the inaccessible areas ."

By attaching a camera to a fibre optic cable which helps project the image onto a miniature TV screen, the doctor skillfully guides the scope to the desired location and operates with minimum invasion. Unlike an open surgery which may require major cuts and incisions, arthroscopy requires only a minor cut. Hence the name 'keyhole' surgery. The cartilages, ligaments, tendons are visible to exactly determine the extent of injury and quickly perform the repair. Sometimes along with X rays additional tests such as MRI and CT scans will also be required.

Arthroscopic surgeries are done for the following acute/chronic nature-

The applications of this surgery are many and this revolutionary technique has made the dreaded word operation a much safer and simpler alternative. More and more patients all over the country are opting for arthroscopy for treating an inevitable disease such as Osteoarthritis and other old age / trauma related problems. An arthroscopy has simply given the boon of a new vision to a physician with minimum injury. This key hole surgery holds the key to a better living and a better Quality of life to patients all over the world, and all it takes for the patient is to approach the us as early as possible to set things right.